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New Scholarships Available!

Check out the Scholarship Page for the latest scholarship postings!  See Mrs. Schwartz if you need help and remember, don’t wait until the last minute to ask your teachers/counselor/principal if you need a recommendation.  Chances are you aren’t the only one asking them so be considerate of their time!

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November is Scholarship Month!!

Scholarship Month

November has officially been declared scholarship month in Michigan! All month long, MI Student Aid will be actively posting on social media to celebrate. We will be highlighting our very own scholarship database, compiled of Michigan scholarships, where students can submit a request and get scholarships sent right to their email inbox. We will have tips and tricks for filling out the perfect scholarship application in order to help students with their search. We will also be discussing the various scholarships and grants programs provided by the State of Michigan as well as other resources, beyond scholarships, that can help make college Accessible, Affordable and Achievable for Michigan students and families.

Follow us on all of our social media accounts @mistudentaid

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New Scholarship

If you have participated in any part of the football program, there is a scholarship available for you!  Whether you were a football player, statistician, manager, cheerleader, etc., you may be eligible for this one.  Check out the Scholarship Page for more information.




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Career Exploration Day at Baker College

Seniors!  Baker has invited the senior class to their annual Career Exploration Day.  It will be held on October 13 and we will be attending the morning session.  You will get to explore the many programs offered at Baker, but most importantly you will get an up close look at career opportunities you may not have considered yet.  This is a great learning experience and lots of fun.  Click here for more information.

Please click the button below to get registered for the event.



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Complete your FAFSA!

As of October 1, the FAFSA became available for completion.  Once you have your FSA ID (one for you and one for a parent), you are able to begin.  Click the link below for the FAFSA website.  Make sure you are filling out the form for the 2018-2019 school year as this will be your first year in college.

PLEASE REMEMBER!!!!  The FAFSA is FREE so if you are on a website that asks you for money, you are not in the right place.