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College Visits

Please revisit the college visit link.  CMU has rescheduled their visit and Mid Michigan Community College has been added (Oct. 31).  Make sure you are signed up!


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CMU Visit

The rep for CMU has rescheduled her visit.  She will be here on October 20 at 2:00 pm instead of the 18th.  Please make a note of the change.

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Many of you are interested in starting the process for completing your FAFSA.  The FAFSA form will not be available until October 1, but you can and should be applying for you FSA ID # now.  You will need one and a parent will need one (they may already have one if you have an older sibling who has gone through the financial aid process).  The link to get your FSA ID # is:

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Seniors!  I have heard that some of you have completed the FAFSA already.  The FAFSA form you need to complete will NOT be available until after October 1st.  So if you have already completed a FAFSA form, it was the wrong one.  You need to fill out the FAFSA for 2018-2019 because that is the year you will be attending college for the first time.  I appreciate your eagerness.  You guys are so on the ball and I love it!  But you really only need to focus on college applications and the FSAID number at this time.  When October 1 rolls around, then you are able to fill our your FAFSA.  If you have questions, please come see me.

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Welcome Class of 2018

Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling Center’s page.  You will find tons of information here to help you navigate your senior year and prepare for life after high school.  Whether you are planning to attend college, go directly to work, or enlist in the military, you should be able to find something on here for you.  For those of you planning to attend a college or university after graduation, please check out the financial aid links and the Scholarship Page.  Make sure you subscribe to this site to receive the latest information on college and career planning!