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Please read a letter I received from a colleague:

Please be aware that schools in this area are receiving a fake scholarship application through a false non-profit organization called “The Michigan Education Scholarship Foundation.” I do not know how many other schools have received this scholarship, but we’ve confirmed a majority in Montcalm County have been sent an envelope with the application in it.

 At first, it looks like a real application. It says there is NO GPA or income requirements, but yet they ask for financial information on the application. In the fine print it states that a $10 application fee be sent to a post office box in Petoskey, MI along with the application. They have also unfortunately dragged a local business in Harbor Springs into the mix by stating that the award amount is $1000 plus one dozen cookies from Tom’s Mom’s Cookie Shop. I spoke to the owner of the local business and they also have never heard of this scholarship and she is not too happy about having their name on the application.

What really tipped the guidance counselor and I off about it being a fake application is there is no contact information other than the P.O. Box. It states on the application to go to – which is also a fake website and does not exist and to contact which also is an e-mail address that does not work.

PLEASE BE AWARE!  IF YOU RECEIVE THIS IN THE MAIL, DO NOT COMPLETE THE APPLICATION.  PLEASE BRING IT DIRECTLY TO THE COUNSELING OFFICE!  If any scholarship application looks suspicious, talk to Mrs. Schwartz before completing it.


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