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Goal #1 – Apply to College

Seniors, this one’s for you!  Recently I visited with all seniors via Senior English Class.  We reviewed the timeline for senior year with the first goal being “Apply to College.”  Knowing that not all of you will be attending college, I want to say that this post is strictly intended for those that plan to.  (I will get with the rest of you in the near future.  You will have different goals obviously.)  FIrst of all, I want college bound seniors to be thinking and narrowing your college choices down to at least 3-5 options.  Yes, options!  You do not have to apply to all of them but I encourage you to apply to at least 2, preferably 3.  So that when May rolls around, you have options!  Senior year is full of many life changing events that may steer you in a different direction once you near the end.  Plan to apply to your college(s) of choice by October 31.  This is NOT the deadline to apply with the college, but my recommendation.  There are many things to do and focus on throughout this year so let’s get one of those big items crossed off the list.  When you apply and get your acceptance (or denial) letter in the mail, you have clear answers that will determine your next course of action.  There is no better feeling that knowing what to do next.  So let’s set Goal #1 and get it done!  There is a page under College Planning that will lead you directly to the online applications of almost all Michigan 2- and 4-year colleges/universities.  This is to make your life easier.  If you need help, please come and see me.  (Remember, if you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch, your application fee can be waived.  Come see me!!!).  Happy applying.  🙂


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