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New Scholarships!

A couple new scholarships have been added to the Scholarship Page over the past week!

Check them out!

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Career Exploration Day at Baker College

Seniors!  Baker has invited the senior class to their annual Career Exploration Day.  It will be held on October 13 and we will be attending the morning session.  You will get to explore the many programs offered at Baker, but most importantly you will get an up close look at career opportunities you may not have considered yet.  This is a great learning experience and lots of fun.  Click here for more information.

Please click the button below to get registered for the event.



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Complete your FAFSA!

As of October 1, the FAFSA became available for completion.  Once you have your FSA ID (one for you and one for a parent), you are able to begin.  Click the link below for the FAFSA website.  Make sure you are filling out the form for the 2018-2019 school year as this will be your first year in college.

PLEASE REMEMBER!!!!  The FAFSA is FREE so if you are on a website that asks you for money, you are not in the right place.


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Many of you are interested in starting the process for completing your FAFSA.  The FAFSA form will not be available until October 1, but you can and should be applying for you FSA ID # now.  You will need one and a parent will need one (they may already have one if you have an older sibling who has gone through the financial aid process).  The link to get your FSA ID # is:

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Seniors!  I have heard that some of you have completed the FAFSA already.  The FAFSA form you need to complete will NOT be available until after October 1st.  So if you have already completed a FAFSA form, it was the wrong one.  You need to fill out the FAFSA for 2018-2019 because that is the year you will be attending college for the first time.  I appreciate your eagerness.  You guys are so on the ball and I love it!  But you really only need to focus on college applications and the FSAID number at this time.  When October 1 rolls around, then you are able to fill our your FAFSA.  If you have questions, please come see me.